Happy Mother’s Day – For All You Do!




by Jewel Tyler

A MOTHER is a person that loves unconditionally, sacrifices without complaints for her children. She will go to work come home, then work with her children on their homework; clean the house and cook dinner. Get the children bathed and ready for bed and even though she is tired, read them a book and say prayers with the kids and tuck them safely in the bed.

If she is a wife, now it is time to devote time to her husband even though she is exhausted. Rise very early in the morning before everyone wakes up and start her day all over again. When the weekend arrives, there is no time for rest, NO WAY! Time to do laundry, thoroughly clean the house attend to the kids; go shopping, and maybe even squeeze in attending her children’s sport events or girl or boy scout meets.

A mother is a phenomenal woman through and through, generally she doesn’t complain even though her back and feet hurts. She has to continue with her routine even if she is experiencing monthly cramps; she has to keep her spirits high and continue to be the loving nurturing woman God created her to be.

To all the wonderful Mother’s I wish you a blessed day, and hopefully your family will allow you to take a break for one day and return all that you do to you!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from the bottom of my heart!

275704_100002998686606_1039885742_nTo my wonderful Mother Betty I love you with all my heart and appreciate all of the wisdom and knowledge you have shared with me over the years. Thanks for loving me and supporting me my entire life. God bless you Mom!


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