What God Has For You Is For You


by Belinda Kendall

Now let’s look at this statement in a different way. “What God has for you is for you.”

Notice how a good wife that has a husband that works hard, and late into the night for his family. Because of his hard work she will make sure that she makes his plate before she feeds her children, so when he gets home he can enjoy it.

She will pick the biggest and juiciest piece of meat for his plate, a large serving of vegetables, and the best piece of bread just for him. Then she will carefully sit his plate aside, so that it can be nice and warm when he gets home.

This plate is prepared for him and only him. Not for the children to pick over, and not for left overs, but a special plate for him.

Now what God has for you is just for you. All your hard work, and the faith you kept hoping He would answer your prayers. Just like the good wife that prepares a plate for her husband, and sets it aside, God does the same thing with your blessings. However, He is waiting on you to make some changes.

What God has for you is for you, and not the people you surround yourself with. Sometimes in life we have to realize that some people in your life may be holding your blessing back, because it’s your nature to share, when they didn’t earn it. The sad thing is that you already know who and what needs to get out of your life.

How bad do you want it? Check your inventory, and you may find that some things are worth letting go.


Thank You


by Belinda Kendall

This sounds like music to a parent’s ear when their children say, “Thank you!” Sometimes I children don’t realize the sacrifices we make. When working at your job and doing everything you can to please your boss, a simple word like “Thank you,” makes you feel appreciated.

A mother will spend hours cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, but to hear her family say, “Thank you” makes her forget about the hours she spent over a hot stove. So many times we think that the work we do for our families, friends, and company goes unnoticed until we hear those words, “Thank you.”

In each case I mentioned above those words of acknowledgment make us want to do more to just hear those words. So what makes us think that God doesn’t want to hear those simple words?

Somebody didn’t make it home tonight, and some will not get up in the morning after reading this post. Instead of coming home and start complaining about the traffic, what you will cook for dinner, or how your day was – walk in the door and say, “Thank you God, I made it home.”

When you get up in the morning, and start complaining about how you would rather stay in the bed, just say, “Thank you God”, because somebody didn’t wake up this morning and someone has no other choice but to stay in the bed.

When you watch the News and hear all the bad things that are going on in the world, don’t complain or judge. Just say “Thank you God”, because it could have been me, or someone I know.

Just like earthly people react, and want to do more when they hear those simple words, I wonder how much more will God do for us by just telling Him, “Thank you?”

The Pieces Of A Dream


by Belinda Kendall

The pieces of a dream, can be too much for some of you to handle

Some of you know that there is so much more to you, but when you look at your current situation you can’t figure out if it will ever happen.

How many of you have seen a few seconds of you standing in front of a large crowd speaking, but it only lasts a few seconds?

How many of you have thought about things that can change the world but as fast as the thought came it went away?

Some of you have had dreams where you saw yourself moving in places most people can’t even imagine, but it only comes in pieces like a dream. They never last that long but you hold every precious second of it in your thoughts.

Psalms 139:2 says, “You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.” If you only knew what God has in store for you!

But God also knows that you can’t handle the whole dream because of your current situation, so He only gives you pieces of the dream. If some of you knew what God had in store for you it may cause you to have a heart attack, because you can’t see someone like you, doing something like that; especially in your current situation.

But I look at those beautiful dreams, those few seconds of seeing yourself doing things that you never thought possible, and the things you have seen that you dare not to even share, in fear that you will be called crazy, as a memo from God. A memo that says “God is not through with you yet, because He has greater things planned for you

Isaiah 55:9 says, “”As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

A T-bone steak on a trash can lid


by Belinda Kendall

Some of you are in relationships only because you are a T-bone steak on a trash can lid. Just like there is nothing wrong with the T-bone steak, nor is there anything wrong with you visually. But the person you are with is just like you, a T-bone steak on a trash can lid.

The trash can lid consist of the Manusha in your life – the mess in your life. The Manusha is the low self esteem, depressions, lack of funds, closet alcoholic, gambling, mental illness, neediness, and so on. However, none of this is visible when you meet. Thus the reason there is an unseen force that draws you together, and will keep you together, until your trash can lid turns into a silver platter.

Notice when you find out that your mate is cheating, and you see the person they are cheating with is like a T-bone steak on a trash can lid. They are nothing like you. But because you started to improve yourself without including them in your change, they then need to seek out someone just like them, or what you use to be.

The brighter your silver platter becomes the more they remind you of the trash can lid you were once on. They will remind you of your past failures, bad decisions, how your family once treated you, when you didn’t have a job, and how you were nothing when they met you. Never taking into consideration that that’s when they were attracted to you the most.

So to my brothers and sisters that have experienced a mate cheating on you, or a relationship ending, and even friends walking out of your life, please know that God got involved and changed your situation around and you are no longer that T-bone steak on a trash can lid. So now your friends, and/or former mates see you like a T-bone steak on a silver platter, and that’s too much for some people to handle.

Someone once said, “If a person is put in a room full of all different types of fears and dysfunctions, they will always pick the one they are most familiar with.”

This may be the reason some of you always end up with the same kind of mate and/or friends.

Sex Toys


by Belinda Kendall


Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” This does not mean you should result to using sex toys, or pleasuring yourself.

When you perform this act you have to use your imaginations, and this can be a very dangerous thing to utilize. Because you are allowing yourself to be open to whatever is in the air. 2 Corinthians 10:5 says, “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” The Bible even speaks about men will be lovers of themselves; this is not just speaking about Homosexuality.

The Catholic Church speaks about the demons that are waiting in the air when you do this. The name these spirits are called are Incubus and Succubus. These are just basic, secular definitions of these two spirits which are also commonly referred to as “sex demons” or “night demons”. These demons are primarily spirits of sexual perversion. Whenever we are talking about demons, always remember not to put too much merit into the common are identified by numerous names and titles in the Bible. Night demons are no more than spirits of lust. They are a powerful, high-ranking class of demons.

Throughout the Bible there is plenty of evidence that spirits can take on some type of physical form and function as such. In the book of Genesis chapter 6 it reads, “1. And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them. 2That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.” This means in laymen’s terms that demon spirits had sex with human women. Satan, who is a spirit, took on the physical form of a serpent and spoke to Eve (Rev 12:9, Gen 3:1-4).

You see these demons are spirits, and they need a body to manifest themselves in. This may be the reason you see people today that can’t commit to a relationship, and are always at strip bars, chasing, men and women. Molestation, rape, incest, fornication, and other sexual crimes are committed by people that have an uncontrollable desire to have sex. We call them whores, players, and a free spirit. Notice when you try and correct them they will look at you like you are crazy. But when you look in their eyes you can tell there is something else controlling them.

More and More people are reporting that some type of spirit or energy comes to them in the middle of the night and makes love to them. The encounters that people share about sex demons are actual experiences, as opposed to schizophrenic episodes which are how doctors try de-validating these experiences.

And to think it MAY have started by something as simple as pleasuring your self. To think that those spirits Incubus and Succubus were just waiting in the air to enter your body, and use you for their own purpose, should make some of you change your behavior.