A T-bone steak on a trash can lid


by Belinda Kendall

Some of you are in relationships only because you are a T-bone steak on a trash can lid. Just like there is nothing wrong with the T-bone steak, nor is there anything wrong with you visually. But the person you are with is just like you, a T-bone steak on a trash can lid.

The trash can lid consist of the Manusha in your life – the mess in your life. The Manusha is the low self esteem, depressions, lack of funds, closet alcoholic, gambling, mental illness, neediness, and so on. However, none of this is visible when you meet. Thus the reason there is an unseen force that draws you together, and will keep you together, until your trash can lid turns into a silver platter.

Notice when you find out that your mate is cheating, and you see the person they are cheating with is like a T-bone steak on a trash can lid. They are nothing like you. But because you started to improve yourself without including them in your change, they then need to seek out someone just like them, or what you use to be.

The brighter your silver platter becomes the more they remind you of the trash can lid you were once on. They will remind you of your past failures, bad decisions, how your family once treated you, when you didn’t have a job, and how you were nothing when they met you. Never taking into consideration that that’s when they were attracted to you the most.

So to my brothers and sisters that have experienced a mate cheating on you, or a relationship ending, and even friends walking out of your life, please know that God got involved and changed your situation around and you are no longer that T-bone steak on a trash can lid. So now your friends, and/or former mates see you like a T-bone steak on a silver platter, and that’s too much for some people to handle.

Someone once said, “If a person is put in a room full of all different types of fears and dysfunctions, they will always pick the one they are most familiar with.”

This may be the reason some of you always end up with the same kind of mate and/or friends.


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