Thank You


by Belinda Kendall

This sounds like music to a parent’s ear when their children say, “Thank you!” Sometimes I children don’t realize the sacrifices we make. When working at your job and doing everything you can to please your boss, a simple word like “Thank you,” makes you feel appreciated.

A mother will spend hours cooking a Thanksgiving dinner, but to hear her family say, “Thank you” makes her forget about the hours she spent over a hot stove. So many times we think that the work we do for our families, friends, and company goes unnoticed until we hear those words, “Thank you.”

In each case I mentioned above those words of acknowledgment make us want to do more to just hear those words. So what makes us think that God doesn’t want to hear those simple words?

Somebody didn’t make it home tonight, and some will not get up in the morning after reading this post. Instead of coming home and start complaining about the traffic, what you will cook for dinner, or how your day was – walk in the door and say, “Thank you God, I made it home.”

When you get up in the morning, and start complaining about how you would rather stay in the bed, just say, “Thank you God”, because somebody didn’t wake up this morning and someone has no other choice but to stay in the bed.

When you watch the News and hear all the bad things that are going on in the world, don’t complain or judge. Just say “Thank you God”, because it could have been me, or someone I know.

Just like earthly people react, and want to do more when they hear those simple words, I wonder how much more will God do for us by just telling Him, “Thank you?”


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