What God Has For You Is For You


by Belinda Kendall

Now let’s look at this statement in a different way. “What God has for you is for you.”

Notice how a good wife that has a husband that works hard, and late into the night for his family. Because of his hard work she will make sure that she makes his plate before she feeds her children, so when he gets home he can enjoy it.

She will pick the biggest and juiciest piece of meat for his plate, a large serving of vegetables, and the best piece of bread just for him. Then she will carefully sit his plate aside, so that it can be nice and warm when he gets home.

This plate is prepared for him and only him. Not for the children to pick over, and not for left overs, but a special plate for him.

Now what God has for you is just for you. All your hard work, and the faith you kept hoping He would answer your prayers. Just like the good wife that prepares a plate for her husband, and sets it aside, God does the same thing with your blessings. However, He is waiting on you to make some changes.

What God has for you is for you, and not the people you surround yourself with. Sometimes in life we have to realize that some people in your life may be holding your blessing back, because it’s your nature to share, when they didn’t earn it. The sad thing is that you already know who and what needs to get out of your life.

How bad do you want it? Check your inventory, and you may find that some things are worth letting go.


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