What a difference a decision can make.


Have you ever seen people over a period of time start to look 10 years younger? In some cases you may not even recognize them. I have seen people that look like their complexion has gotten lighter, and not like they used some type of bleaching agent, but just like lighter, and brighter. There was a time when they would walk in a room, and nobody even noticed them, but now when they walk into a room everybody’s head turns.

In most cases they made a decision to let something go in their life. The demons some people carry around is down right deadly to their health and appearance. People, jobs, relationships, friends, and in some cases even family members can be the most unhealthy thing you have ever got involved with.

It will change your appearance and even cause you to age. How many times have you seen someone after a divorce and they looked totally different and younger? Or, that person that changed careers, broke off that relationship, friendship, or cut off that family member, and all of a sudden the light has come back in their face?

We need to realize that some people and some things have their own demons, and since God didn’t create you to deal with something like this it can destroy you. This is the reason some women and men age in a dysfunctional relationship. Men and women that are in position of management where they have to make hard decisions that goes against their personal beliefs will age, and wear depression like last fall’s fashions. If a man is married to a woman that has a drinking problem, and never dealt with anything like this in their life, they will start to look like they have the same problem, and never drink alcohol. A woman that is married to a man that has depression issues will start to take on the similar traits.

Some of you have noticed a change in yourself; you look in the mirror and don’t even recognize yourself. No amount of skin treatment, money, or designer clothes will make you look like yourself again. But that one decision to walk away from that situation that’s aging you, and causing depression, will make all the difference in the world.

Humans are like mirrors they will reflect what ever situation they are dealing with.
– Belinda Kendall


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