MAN Eaters


by Belinda Kendall

Some women are so strong until they become unattractive to most men. So many of us have been hurt, lied to, cheated on, abused, and mistreated, to the point we give up on love, or think that every man we meet only have one thing in mind.

When you first meet a man and he is nice you think it’s a game. However, men do play games but not all men play games. If they try to do something for you, you tell him you don’t need help because you can do it yourself.

We can bring home the bacon and cook it too, but there is no need to remind every man you meet that you can do it all. Men pick women that he can find a place in her life where he is needed. Stop looking for a man that makes a lot of money, have a level of status, or titles because at the end of the day the love this man can give you is priceless.

If you keep thinking like a man, you will start looking like a man. Some of you are so hard that your voice have started changing.


People don’t want you, they want your gift


by Belinda Kendall

Your past struggles have created a very impressive resume for you, thus the reason God is now interviewing you to go to the next level.

When a company looks for the right candidate they always look for people that are self motivated, able to perform under pressure, and someone that is willing to stay on the task until it is completed and give more than 40 hours a week.

It’s important the candidate can work without being micromanaged, a candidate that will stand firm on what they believe, and have no fear in sharing their opinion.

Now think about your past struggles. You had to encourage yourself when everybody else around you left and thought you were crazy. You had so much going on in your life it was like the making of a Life Time Movie, but you still went to work with a smile on your face and got the job done. Working 2, and sometimes 3, jobs was your middle name because you had to make ends meet.

You didn’t need anybody to remind you what had to be done, you just did it. Because of your struggles in life you had to stand alone many times, while others mocked and judged you. Because of the rejection in your life you learned to speak your mind, and you were always ten minutes from “Forget you,” if they didn’t like it.

Now you are in a position for a promotion, and you are second guessing yourself because you may not have a college degree, experience in that position, or wondering how someone like you would even dream of being in that position. You have a degree from the University of Lack and Desire, with an MBA in Struggle.

Stop thinking about it and second guessing yourself, because when you really look at it in the spirit realm you are over qualified.