MAN Eaters


by Belinda Kendall

Some women are so strong until they become unattractive to most men. So many of us have been hurt, lied to, cheated on, abused, and mistreated, to the point we give up on love, or think that every man we meet only have one thing in mind.

When you first meet a man and he is nice you think it’s a game. However, men do play games but not all men play games. If they try to do something for you, you tell him you don’t need help because you can do it yourself.

We can bring home the bacon and cook it too, but there is no need to remind every man you meet that you can do it all. Men pick women that he can find a place in her life where he is needed. Stop looking for a man that makes a lot of money, have a level of status, or titles because at the end of the day the love this man can give you is priceless.

If you keep thinking like a man, you will start looking like a man. Some of you are so hard that your voice have started changing.


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