Church is like a school, the problem comes in when you don’t get promoted to the next level by your teacher – The Pastor.


by Belinda Kendall

There are churches that are known for certain teachings. There are churches that are known for teaching deliverance, some are know for their teaching of healing, and some are known for their teaching of evangelism and intense praying and fasting.

But just like school the student that knows how to count to 100 or spell big words will get bored because they already know. Thus the reason you have so many problems in Churches today. Young girls start getting pregnant out of wedlock, rumors of members in the Church having affairs, people shacking up, gossiping, and when the choir starts to sing people are moving around like they are in a club and dress like they are going to the club. You can’t even get to the altar doing altar call on Sunday because it’s full of the member, and marriages start breaking up. Then finally the members just stop coming.

Because the Pastor is only anointed to teach in one area. So just like a child that is smarter than the other students in their class the members start to find other things to entertain their selves by finding something to do while they are there. This is why Mega Churches grew so fast and big, it was something new and different than what they were use to hearing.

We are quick to say when things like this start to happen that the devil has gotten in the Church and who in the hell left the gate open. When the reality is that you can no longer hold their attention as you once did, . A wise teacher knows when their student is ready for the next level and will help that student find another teacher to take them there, because they know their job is done.

But since Churches are more like a business that needs your money to keep the doors open, people become stuck in the same place. Sadly enough it’s because the Pastor wants you to stay for his own selfish reason.

How different would the world be if Churches operated like colleges? Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors Seniors and Grad schools for students of Christ?


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