Don’t ask! They might tell you


by Belinda Kendall

A parent can be the most powerful and at the same time dangerous person on earth when it comes to allowing certain behavior when raising their children.

There are some men and women that can get jealous of their own children and even their significant other. If you buy the children new shoes or clothes when on a tight budget, and the other parent will act a certain kind of way if they are not getting something new. If you get too many comments on what you are wearing they get jealous because nobody complimented them.

If you go away for the weekend with your friends for a men’s/women’s weekend to the spa or a golfing trip, you will find when you get back they are acting funny. In their mind they should have been able to go. If you get too much praise for doing something in their mind you couldn’t have done it without them, knowing full well they gave you hell every step of the way.

If you have the day off and are able to sleep in but they have to go to work, they will start complaining about something until you wake up, or make so much noise you have no other choice but to get up. If you have friends to come over they will walk around the house like a child trying to get attention. Even to the point of joining your conversation to bring the attention back to them.

If you ask them why they act the way they do, the real answer is too embarrassing. You see, they can’t tell you that when they were a child that they were Momma’s and/or Daddy’s favorite child and got what they wanted no matter how tight the budget was. They can’t tell you when their other siblings had chores to do, they got out of it. They are too ashamed to tell you that their mother/grandmother would get up and cook them a big breakfast before they went to work.

Or how that parent or grandparent always made them the center of attention, and how their parents made sure they always had the latest and greatest to impress their friends. So instead of telling you the truth they will belittle you, pick an argument, tell you what you are doing something wrong, talk about your short comings, and in some cases result to verbal/physical abuse, because the truth is too embarrassing to say as an adult.

Is it possible to take a parent to court for raising a child that has caused hurt, and harm to their spouse/wife and their children?


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