God will show you what you are and were working with if you are patient


by Belinda Kemdall

Sometimes when relationships break up it can be hard to understand and even painful. If you are patient, God will show you why the rejection was really His protection.

God didn’t reveal the reason to you when it first happen or shortly after it happened because God knew you wouldn’t be able to keep it to yourself. It’s the same way we have friends that are struggling with broken relationships and you know more than you’re letting on. However, you dare not share what you know because in their fragile state of mind you don’t know what they’ll do with that information. Later, sometimes years later, that friend will come back to you and tell you what they heard and your answer is , “I have heard the same thing, but it wasn’t my place to tell you because I didn’t know if it was true or not.”

Once the reason is revealed by God, it really won’t shock you that much because doing your period of healing God allowed you to see certain signs, spoke things into your spirit that you never said aloud, and God allows you to remember certain conversation you had but later God will connect the dots for you.

So if there is anyone that is in the first stage of the process of healing from a broken relationship, keep moving forward. I know it’s hard, and you have so many questions, but don’t second guess yourself, because God allowed them to reject you to protect you.

The saddest thing to see is someone that kept going back to a person that rejected them and finally ends up in a mess. All because they felt like they couldn’t live without the other person. God gave them a way out just like God did for you, they just chose not to take it.


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