I remember when….


by Belinda Kendall

I remember when men use to do anything to get the attention of a woman. Even my son when he was about 6 years old started running around cutting flips in Marshall’s one day, I didn’t know what was wrong with him….Until I saw this cute little girl. That’s when I realize he was trying to get her attention by showing her how strong he was.

When you watch the Animal Channel you will see shows about mating and how the male animal will do things to get the attention of the female animal to mate with him.

Some male animals will fight another male animal to keep him from mating with the female they picked to mate with. Some male animals have been known to urinate on the ones they pick to mate with…a way of marking their territory.

So when I see women young and old twerking, it’s like something a male animal would do to get another animal to mate with. I remember when men were just as protective as animals in the wild when it came to their mates. But yet these women become confused and angry when the men they twerked for want protect them.

How is it that a female Bamboo has a better understanding than a woman when it comes to getting a man?

There was a time when the dog chased the cat, but now the cat is chasing the dog…that’s unnatural.


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