Learn to age gracefully and stay in your lane


Belinda Kendall

There will come a time that that very thing that brought all the boys to your park will look like it has been involved in a hail storm. When you start getting cellulite it’s time to cover it up more. Your children or grandchildren shouldn’t come to you looking for clothes to wear to the club. It may seem fun to get all their attention, but notice they never come to you about advice about a career move, starting a business, or buying a home. They only call you when they need advice about a man.

It is a sad thing to see an older man enjoying the attention from teenage girls. Now when you attend family events your name is always in the same sentence with the teenage girls. They will say, “Tell the girls and……Uncle Willie to come and wash the dishes,” because they know wherever they go you will follow. You thought that your friends enjoyed hearing your conversations about young girls and the attention they give you, and you give them. But that’s when you will notice they don’t invite you to family events, because they are concerned about their daughter being around you. Nor do they invite you to business events because they don’t want to be embarrassed with your behavior towards their young co-workers.

At a certain age, as women, we should stop wearing thongs. Now you are 65 years old and you find your friends are always trying to pull on your dress because your thong no longer stays in place. It is across your butt check, and they think that your slip is bunched up. There comes a time in our life when our breasts don’t sit up like we are baking bread so that is the time we stop wearing tops and dress that are cut down to your belly. Now the children in Sunday school are using your breast as an example of how the Red Sea looked when it parted.

Men need to use wisdom when it comes to getting old. Some of you are still playing games with women, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the Nursing Home. You will be the one with the red wheel chair with a horn, and blowing your horn at anything with hips. Or you will go back to the lady that was crazy about you, pretending to be in love when the real reason is you need someone to help you out of the tub and take you to your kidney dialyses appointments .

Women that are getting old and still putting a man before your children, will be the one that are always calling your children to take you to the store, come by and see you, and getting mad and quoting scriptures about how your children are doing you wrong because they don’t care about you. The fact is they were able to do without you when they were young and needed you, so they can’t justify your existence in their life now. Now you’re sitting on the phone calling the men you messed around with at the first of the month trying to get their check before their children come over.

To my older sisters, there comes a time when if you wear false lashes you need to know when to get another pair. Some of you have so much glue on the lashes that you have worn for weeks that the glue has started to change colors, and now it looks like your lashes are sun visors for your eyes. As some of us get older our fingers begin to swell because of the medicine we are taking. Do not put 3 inch red or French tip nails on your fingers when they look like Ball Park Franks, because your hand now looks like a dismembered hand on CSI that’s been left out and started to swell.

Young people are looking to us as an example. After you have buried so many classmates and friends we should be honored that we are still here to get old. Your presence alone should represent wisdom, not the butt of young people’s jokes.


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