by Belinda Kendall

Ben came out of his room tonight saying, “Momma something is not right! I was playing my game and Beauregard started growling, and barking at something, as if there is something in my room I can’t see.”

I went back on the sofa to rock myself up and went straight into his room and said, “What ever is in here that is not of God MUST GO NOW!!!! You have no right here, and with the authority I have in the Name of Jesus – YOU MUST GO!!!! Every door that has been open and is not of God is now sealed shut with the Blood of Jesus. NO, NO, NO!!! GET OUT BECAUSE THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST YOU.” You will go and not come back here, In the Name of Jesus. Then I went and open the front door and said, “Let me show you the way, every thing, spirit, demon, and even the devil himself LEAVE NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS, and slammed the door shut.” I told my son, “I don’t play with the devil and the devil doesn’t play with me!!!”

I went back and sat on the sofa and the dog started doing it again. I went back into Ben’s room to find Beauregard looking at his self in the mirror barking and growling. Ben called Frances and told her what happen andFrances told me, “Mom you don’t have no chill…lol”

Well at least I am always ready for battle….


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