Thank God for Jesus!


by Belinda Kendall

When I watched the movie, “The Help,” I noticed how badly the black maids were treated. However, the same group of people that mistreated them, and thought they were nasty trusted them with the two things that could take them out mentally and/or physically – their children and food.

I notice how people boldly speak negatively about people of other races and move around in society with no fear of repercussions. It’s like politicians that speak openly on social media about illegal immigrants and then they go to a restaurant and order food when the kitchen help is full of Latinos. Or, that mother that will speak openly about her issues with people of other races on social media, then get up on Monday morning and put her precision baby in the arms of someone that represents that race.

Most people would not dare think about doing something in retaliation about this mistreatment to another person because of the God in their life, so Thank God for Jesus for that. However, everybody is not saved by the Blood of Jesus.

I myself will not eat dinner with someone that keeps complaining to the waitress or waiter, because of my concerns of the waiter’s retaliation of someone else’s bad behavior. But keep in mind if someone ever put an actual face to the comments that you made on social media and/or National TV, you may get served a slice of Chocolate Pie.

A slice of Chocolate pie can come in many forms. It can come in the form of a Combo #4, two meals for $20.00, a milk shake, eggs over easy, a time out for no reason, reports of bad behavior from a teacher, or even neglect.

Takes saying your prayers before eating to a whole new level.


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