The devil uses you helping others to hinder your blessings


by Belinda Kendall

Many good, God loving and fearing Christians fall for this everyday of the week. In no way am I telling you not to help people, but do it with much prayer and fasting before you extend your hand. Sometimes helping people can lead to a form of bondage.

Everybody that comes to you for help is not sent by God, but the devil. The devil knows you want to please God and do the Christian thing to help your fellow man. But can I tell you some people are professionals. They know what to say to get your attention and make you feel guilty. They are possessed with the spirit of deception. The devil knows you cant receive from God when you are tangled up in a mess.

Because of my own personal struggles in life as a single mother I have allowed my struggles to blind me when making decisions to help people. When you allow people to attach themselves to you in this matter I believe God holds back your blessing. God knows if He blesses you, you will bless them which only enable them to deceive more people into helping them or feeling sorry for them, by taking your hard earned money, and your time.

Some of you have become prisoners in your own home because you have people staying there. Prisoners on your job because your manager can’t see your talents because you’re surrounded by people that mean you no good, and they are hindering your promotion. Some of you are being held hostage on the phone listening to other people’s problems, which competes with you hearing from God. Some are prisoners in relationships with people that don’t want anything out of life but what they can get from you, so your success is hindered.

This is the reason some of the things you have been praying for still haven’t come to past. That’s why that business you want to start has not been started by anyone else. That house that you believe God for is still on the market waiting on you. That book you have written is still not published, the invention you have created no one has came up with it yet, because God is waiting on you to stop falling for the devils tricks, by helping people that has been sent to deceive you.

Stop asking God, “Why is it that nothing has happen for you, since you do so much to help others.” You may be your own problem.

2 Timothy 2:
“And they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, having been held captive by him to do his will.


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