You are leaving me because you have someone else


by Belinda Kendall

Have you ever noticed that when a relationships ends the first thing that comes out of the other person’s mouth is, “I know you have someone else,” “Who is he/she, how long have you been sleeping with them.” This is commonly said by men, and some women but more man.

They never take the time to realize how they made you feel with their behavior, how they disappointed you, made bad decisions, and in some case the verbal/physical abuse.

I remember years ago when trying to break up with a man after having several long conversations about my feeling, or said and did certain things, he still brought it back that I am leaving because there is someone else. That’s when I realized that he couldn’t accept the fact that I was tired of him, so I LIED and told him I was gay in an effort to get him to go away.

It can be hard to accept that some of you have spent months and in some cases years with a person, going through good/bad times, raising a family, being their best friend, and supporting their dreams to realize that it was all about sex. If it wasn’t -thinking that the relationship is ending because you have found someone else would never enter the conversation.


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