You are still sitting on the sideline yelling and questioning the Coach’s decisions


Belinda Kendall

“I can’t believe that she still comes to work, knowing that we all know what happened.” “I can’t understand why he didn’t move when that happened to him.” “Why would in the world didn’t she just move instead of staying here.”

If you have ever watched a football game live, notice the guy that sits in the audience yelling at the players and calling them names when they don’t execute the play correctly. He is also the one that is yelling at the coach when the play doesn’t go as planned.

When you see people that are going through things in life, it’s hard to try and figure out why they just won’t give up. What seems hard to you is even harder on the person that is involved. But the God in them won’t let them give up.

But just like a fan at a football game that yells at the players and coach, they are also the ones that are keeping up with the players. They watch ESPN, Sport’s Center, etc to make sure they know what they are doing on and off field. People tend to perk up when they hear a person’s name called that is publicly going through, and will even stalk them on social media to see if they can find pictures that would show they are going through a lot.

But have you noticed that the same fan that yells at the players, are the same ones that celebrate their wins. The same thing applies to people that will come along once you become successful as if they have always been there cheering you on.

The players that push the hardest are always the same ones that make it to the Hall of Fame. I believe many people will make it to heaven. But the ones that kept their faith in a God that seems like had forsaken them, kept their head up when all hell had broke lose, and didn’t pay attention to the noise of the people that judged them will wear a crown.

Just like there are thousands of people that make it to the NFL, but only a few will make it into the Hall of Fame. The same applies to people making it to heaven, but only a few will wear a crown. The Bible speaks of many people that had faith, but Hebrews 11 only mentioned a few, and they are called “The Heroes of Faith.”


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