You need a man


by Belinda Kendall

Not someone else’s husband, not a man that complains about paying child support, or still blames his ex for all of his problem, but a man. Not a man that limits you and him being together to your or his home, but a real man that will take you anywhere in public any time of the day. Not a man that feels like you should make his dreams and goals first, but a man that thinks your dreams and goals are just as important as his. Not a man that complains about having to work all the time, but a man that knows that working is what he is supposed to do.

Not a man that wants you to cook and clean just because you are a woman while he sits around offering very little to the household. Not a man that is a liability, but an asset so you don’t end up having to treat him like a child by telling him the role of a man, because he has no idea what he should be doing and is just as selfish as a 15 year old boy.

Not a man that looks at pictures of his ex on social media and then shares his negative comments about her or seems to be jealous of her success without him. Not a man that has something negative to say every time someone mentions his ex. Not a man that goes along with whatever his Pastors says, but a man that will question him and ask for a scripture.

Not a man that is always pressuring you for sex, but a man that wants to get to know you first and your body later, because he can get sex anywhere. Not a man that will cause you to carelessly have soul ties to him, but a man that knows soul ties can be dangerous if you both don’t have serious intentions. Not a man that looks at you as someone to take care of, but a man you can go to and he helps you get your house in order. Not a man that will define you by your past struggles and failures, but a real man that would recognize that he has a fighter/survivor on his side.

Not a man that preaches to you that a wife must submit to him, but a man that shows you his dream for you and your children which will cause you to submit because you know he has you and your children best interest in mind. Not a man that gets upset when you get a lot of attention, but a man that knows and celebrate the fact that you are a part of him.

You haven’t lived until you get some joker in your life that you can’t get rid of, and find yourself watching Detective Shows to figure out how to get away with Murder. The wrong man will make you drive around your own house, volunteer for over time, or look for a job that involves a lot traveling. When he pulls up to the house you and your children, and even the dog, break away from the family gathering and go into other parts of the house to keep from having any contact.

Women hold all the cards when it comes to relationships, but for some reason will give in to the pressure of loneliness or the desire to create a family. It’s like standing on a train track watching a train coming, but instead of getting hit by the train you make the decision to just walk away.


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