Your problem has become everybody’s problem


by Belinda Kendall

Because the man you love didn’t love you back you decided to have a baby by him and he still left. So you try to make him jealous by dating someone else. You met another man and had a baby for him and he repeated the same behavior as the first one, you now have 5 children by 5 different men. Now your problem is everybody’s problem.

Our tax dollars are being spent to take care of your children so they can have food and insurance while we watch our grandparents struggle to pay for medicine. Republicans are saying, “If you had them you need to get a job and take care of them.” And the Democrats are saying, “The child didn’t ask to be here, and we should spend more money to take care of them.” People that will never know your name are having heated debates at work, church, and at family gatherings on why their taxes are spent to help you when they have to go to work everyday. Your problem has become everybody’s problem.

Because your parents spoiled you and made you think that the world centers on you, has caused you to have a sense of entitlement. So when you are at work and feel like you are not getting enough attention you cause drama. Now your manager is working with HR to figure out a way to get rid of you without paying unemployment, and making you give them a 90 day plan and pray you don’t make it so they can use your words against you to fire you. Your co-workers hate coming to work because they have to be careful how they speak to you because you will go to HR.

The morale is low in the office and people are calling in sick which leads to projects not being completed on time because of you. Your company is spending money to have a third party to come up with a questionnaire to give new candidates to see if they can catch this behavior before offering a candidate a job. They have to recap conversations with you to ensure you understand what is required for you and your job. HR is spending more time listening to your co-workers and their complaints about you. Your problem has become everybody’s problem.

I can go on and on with different types of scenarios. But I think you get the picture, so don’t get so offensive when your situation is up for judgment, because you made your problem, everybody’s problem.


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