The concept of Wake Up Girlfriend started out as a book Jewel Tyler is writing. Then after many conversations with women via Facebook.  Jewel started the group Wake Up Girlfriend currently 300 members and growing daily.  Initially the group was created for women to have an open forum of discussions and post positive affirmations etc.  And then men started inquiring as to why they where not invited because they had an opinion as well.

Then the discussions did get quite interesting.  However, the primary goal of the group is as follows:

A group of women and men who come together for the empowerment of each other. People who have endured abuse, heartbreak, low self esteem, illness, searching for Mr. & Mrs. Right, who have not strong role models. We are here with straight talk and to encourage one another. To be  prayer partners as you go through the tough times that life has to offer.

Also, to support each other in our business endeavors (authors, business owners, creative arts – jewelry, paintings etc.).
Join us if you like you are welcome!



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