Why He Broke Your Heart! His Was Broken First!

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100929-0423by Jewel Tyler

God created man, then he took mans rib and created woman. Ribs encase a mans heart. Which means a woman is the closest thing to a man’s heart. I hear so many stories from men how tender their heart is when it comes to a woman they truly love and adore. He may have a tough exterior and demeanor; he is supposed to he is man who was created to cover a woman’s head and protect her and love her!

So many women MEN bash, but take a deeper look at that man who is now careless with his love and even body. Every man I know, met, talked too. A woman cracked his ribs and destroyed his heart, you are a repercussion of someone else’s mistakes and his heartache.

Ladies I am a mother of son’s, the eldest of six brothers and the best friend of many men. Recognize the POWER you have when it comes to a man. Love him tender, respect him, and most of all do not tear down his character, challenge his manhood. Step to him like you are a man, smack him in the face etc. and run for cover and help if he decides to smack you back. I do not condone a man hitting a woman EVER. But there is only so much any person can take.

If you are into playing games, purchase an Xbox or a Playstation.

Your destruction of his character and his heart can result in what you call a Playa, a Dog. They are just protecting themselves from never letting a rib near their tender heart again.

When God has blessed you with a good man – LOVE HIM.  I don’t care how much a person states they love being single – God did not create man to be alone or woman.

Learn to love him or her from the inside out not the outside in.  From the outside in by the time you find out who they really are the damage is already done.

Something to meditate on Ladies & Gents.

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Keep the Sparks alive in your Relationship


by Jewel Tyler

I wonder how many of our readers are married? If you are do you find your relationship has become complacent? Mundane? Boring?  You just go through the daily motions, go to work, come home, cook, eat dinner, small talk, maybe watch TV together, go to bed, sleep and do it all over again.

What happened to the romance, the teasing, the tickles, the sexy garments you were so tickled to purchase and sport in the bedroom when he would come over.

I believe couples forget the same thing they did to hook each other are the very same things need to be done to keep each other interested and the love between you two flourishing! Don’t get so caught up in work, the kids, TV, friends, etc. that you forget to love and care and romance one another.

Before you know it there WILL be SOMEONE out there who will do the romancing, the joking, entertain conversation you don’t have time for; will wear the SEXY outfit or LINGERIE he wants to see on you again. Don’t worry about the baby fat, he is still with you which means he loves ALL OF YOU!! I have heard too many men say “Women worry about the wrong things – we men are not concerned if your belly is a lil fat” but we tear ourselves apart about that. It’s mainly your dangone girlfriends making you feel bad about what you see in the mirror and what he MIGHT FIND JUST SEXY.

I remember I went out and purchased a very sexy piece of lingerie put it on and actually had a good time with my husband and later found out he was more turned on with my ole raggedy big momma dress I used to wear around the house when i was cooking and cleaning.  Who knew even though it was different with the expensive lingerie, he was more turned on in seeing me in that old raggedy dress (smile).

Know your mate, and keep your relationship fresh and new; also, pull out some of the good ole day things you used to do that turned him out!  Don’t be afraid to experiment – I had a young lady share the following with me:

My husband and I had just purchased our home – so money was very tight, but I wanted to do something special to bring the romance back into our relationship.  We had both had been so stressed out about our finances and the big move.  So, I was sitting and watching television and repeatedly a commercial was shown about the islands and taking a vacation.  As I sat there day dreaming about laying on a beach listening to the ocean I had an epiphany.  So I went to work, I pulled out an old nature CD I had with the sound of the ocean and seagulls, I pulled out some blankets that we would take to the beach that had been packed away. I put on my bathing suit with my wrapped skirt, cut up some fruit, made some mixed drinks and rearranged my living room to look like we were at the beach.  I pulled plants in the room and made it atmosphere complete.  When he arrived home, I told him honey since we cannot take a vacation on the beach I decided to bring the beach atmosphere to our home.  We had the most intimate romantic evening, we both allowed our imagination to take us away!

I personally thought that was rather creative!  I still love the idea of running a bubble bath and asking the significant other to join in.

There is that chance If you keep up the same ole mundane routine; don’t be angry or upset when you find out he is tipping with someone else!