Happy Mother’s Day – For All You Do!




by Jewel Tyler

A MOTHER is a person that loves unconditionally, sacrifices without complaints for her children. She will go to work come home, then work with her children on their homework; clean the house and cook dinner. Get the children bathed and ready for bed and even though she is tired, read them a book and say prayers with the kids and tuck them safely in the bed.

If she is a wife, now it is time to devote time to her husband even though she is exhausted. Rise very early in the morning before everyone wakes up and start her day all over again. When the weekend arrives, there is no time for rest, NO WAY! Time to do laundry, thoroughly clean the house attend to the kids; go shopping, and maybe even squeeze in attending her children’s sport events or girl or boy scout meets.

A mother is a phenomenal woman through and through, generally she doesn’t complain even though her back and feet hurts. She has to continue with her routine even if she is experiencing monthly cramps; she has to keep her spirits high and continue to be the loving nurturing woman God created her to be.

To all the wonderful Mother’s I wish you a blessed day, and hopefully your family will allow you to take a break for one day and return all that you do to you!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from the bottom of my heart!

275704_100002998686606_1039885742_nTo my wonderful Mother Betty I love you with all my heart and appreciate all of the wisdom and knowledge you have shared with me over the years. Thanks for loving me and supporting me my entire life. God bless you Mom!


Adult Parenting

me n kids

by Jewel Tyler

Sometimes as parents, if there are any in the group that are parenting an almost and or adult child it can be the most difficult thing to do. If your children are on their way to becoming a young adult heed this message (smile).

When they are little you can tell them to go to their room, and who and who not to socialize with. If they are sick you can take them to the doctor to get well. No questions asked.

But once they reach the age of 18 years old and above this is where the hard part steps in and the harsh reality of you are no longer in control of their life. You have to step back and watch the horrible mistakes they are about to, or are currently making. That is when they reach the age of “I am going to do it my way whether right or wrong,” they sometimes have no respect for your advice for them, not recognizing you love them and you have already been where they are going.

Life is like a circle it may be a different year and different time but life is still the same. And that fact of information they sometimes do not comprehend. You have been there and done that, learned and healed from your mistakes so you KNOW that you KNOW what they are about to embark upon.

If they are sick and refuse to go to the doctors, you cannot just take them because if they refuse treatment the doctors hands are tied.

I have watched my children and now grandchildren make the wrong choices and decisions and you know what it hurts to see them go through probably the same way we hurt our parents. So, you have to sit back, pray, continue to advise them and see them walk into walls of unnecessary pain and defeat.

So with all of that said I suggest you do your best to instill into your precious babies who have not reached 18+ the proper morals and values that they need, most of all teach them to RESPECT you; so that will continue as they grow and most importantly TEACH THEM ABOUT GOD don’t just take them to church and drop them off, sit down with them at home and have bible study with them; pray with them so they can learn how to trust and have a relationship with God. Because trust me when I say that is how they will live out the rest of their lives.

I have been blessed with some wonderful adult children, the road has not been easy, but I am so very proud of them all!

Peace & Blessings

Good morning Wake Up Girlfriend (WUG) followers


Jewel Tyler here!

It’s a new day! It’s a new season! Fresh anointing coming your way!
It’s a season of power and prosperity!

Blessings are not necessarily something materialistic – even though people constantly refer to being blessed as something tangible.

Blessings to me are those times when my heart is heavy and I become filled with the assurance that God loves me in spite of my circumstances. I embrace my challenges because I know the day is near that I will be used to minister to someone that is where I have already been. I can be used by God to assure them He has them and it is just a season of wisdom that they will gain and past forward to someone else that does not know God!

I seek opportunities on a daily basis to be used by God for what he has brought me through and blessed me to be his servant. Because he is Master and Lord of my life – I surrendered my will over to him a long time ago but I recommit every day.

I pray that the Lord blesses your eyes to see the things of the Spirit as you are lead on a daily basis. Ears to hear his small still voice and your assigned angels as they minister and guide you through your day.

Be a blessing to all that cross your path each day because you never know if you may have another opportunity to be used on this realm.

Take a walk with me through my journey of first living my life in the world in such a way that God had to enter my life so powerfully and spiritually I stand firm in Him. A soldier of God strong and true fully committed!

Have a blessed DAY!

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The Peacemaker



by Belinda Kendall

You have to careful when sowing words of wisdom into people’s life without giving clear understanding. I heard about a person that somewhere in life, maybe when they first became a Christian was told, “God loves the peace maker.” These words alone have destroyed everything in their life, and have caused their life to be cursed.

These words have caused them to be used, mistreated, and abuse by family members, the church, and friends. To be a peace maker doesn’t mean you have to keep dealing with people that mistreat you, it means, forgive, and walk away instead of having an argument with them.
Their greatest fear in life has become worrying about how people feel about them, if they would question their walk with God if they stood up for themselves, and if they say it’s their fault everything went wrong.

These words have opened the door for them being a liar, gossiper, depression, and will quickly throw you under the bus so they look good. Why? Because they want to be known as the, “Peace Maker,” and really believe God is please with them, because, “He Loves the Peace Maker.”

In this person’s eyes if you cut out family members for mistreating you, or close friends—you are the devil, and down right evil.

Needless to say that their life has become a whirlwind of mess, all because they thought they were pleasing God. Makes you understand how a Preacher, Teacher, or Family Member can changed the whole course of your life, with a scripture.

Why He Broke Your Heart! His Was Broken First!

th (1)

100929-0423by Jewel Tyler

God created man, then he took mans rib and created woman. Ribs encase a mans heart. Which means a woman is the closest thing to a man’s heart. I hear so many stories from men how tender their heart is when it comes to a woman they truly love and adore. He may have a tough exterior and demeanor; he is supposed to he is man who was created to cover a woman’s head and protect her and love her!

So many women MEN bash, but take a deeper look at that man who is now careless with his love and even body. Every man I know, met, talked too. A woman cracked his ribs and destroyed his heart, you are a repercussion of someone else’s mistakes and his heartache.

Ladies I am a mother of son’s, the eldest of six brothers and the best friend of many men. Recognize the POWER you have when it comes to a man. Love him tender, respect him, and most of all do not tear down his character, challenge his manhood. Step to him like you are a man, smack him in the face etc. and run for cover and help if he decides to smack you back. I do not condone a man hitting a woman EVER. But there is only so much any person can take.

If you are into playing games, purchase an Xbox or a Playstation.

Your destruction of his character and his heart can result in what you call a Playa, a Dog. They are just protecting themselves from never letting a rib near their tender heart again.

When God has blessed you with a good man – LOVE HIM.  I don’t care how much a person states they love being single – God did not create man to be alone or woman.

Learn to love him or her from the inside out not the outside in.  From the outside in by the time you find out who they really are the damage is already done.

Something to meditate on Ladies & Gents.

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Keep the Sparks alive in your Relationship


by Jewel Tyler

I wonder how many of our readers are married? If you are do you find your relationship has become complacent? Mundane? Boring?  You just go through the daily motions, go to work, come home, cook, eat dinner, small talk, maybe watch TV together, go to bed, sleep and do it all over again.

What happened to the romance, the teasing, the tickles, the sexy garments you were so tickled to purchase and sport in the bedroom when he would come over.

I believe couples forget the same thing they did to hook each other are the very same things need to be done to keep each other interested and the love between you two flourishing! Don’t get so caught up in work, the kids, TV, friends, etc. that you forget to love and care and romance one another.

Before you know it there WILL be SOMEONE out there who will do the romancing, the joking, entertain conversation you don’t have time for; will wear the SEXY outfit or LINGERIE he wants to see on you again. Don’t worry about the baby fat, he is still with you which means he loves ALL OF YOU!! I have heard too many men say “Women worry about the wrong things – we men are not concerned if your belly is a lil fat” but we tear ourselves apart about that. It’s mainly your dangone girlfriends making you feel bad about what you see in the mirror and what he MIGHT FIND JUST SEXY.

I remember I went out and purchased a very sexy piece of lingerie put it on and actually had a good time with my husband and later found out he was more turned on with my ole raggedy big momma dress I used to wear around the house when i was cooking and cleaning.  Who knew even though it was different with the expensive lingerie, he was more turned on in seeing me in that old raggedy dress (smile).

Know your mate, and keep your relationship fresh and new; also, pull out some of the good ole day things you used to do that turned him out!  Don’t be afraid to experiment – I had a young lady share the following with me:

My husband and I had just purchased our home – so money was very tight, but I wanted to do something special to bring the romance back into our relationship.  We had both had been so stressed out about our finances and the big move.  So, I was sitting and watching television and repeatedly a commercial was shown about the islands and taking a vacation.  As I sat there day dreaming about laying on a beach listening to the ocean I had an epiphany.  So I went to work, I pulled out an old nature CD I had with the sound of the ocean and seagulls, I pulled out some blankets that we would take to the beach that had been packed away. I put on my bathing suit with my wrapped skirt, cut up some fruit, made some mixed drinks and rearranged my living room to look like we were at the beach.  I pulled plants in the room and made it atmosphere complete.  When he arrived home, I told him honey since we cannot take a vacation on the beach I decided to bring the beach atmosphere to our home.  We had the most intimate romantic evening, we both allowed our imagination to take us away!

I personally thought that was rather creative!  I still love the idea of running a bubble bath and asking the significant other to join in.

There is that chance If you keep up the same ole mundane routine; don’t be angry or upset when you find out he is tipping with someone else!

Trying To Find Love In All The Wrong Places


By Jewel Tyler

Once upon a time in the land of no internet, men and women connected totally different.  Meeting places were laundromats, grocery stores, at friends homes, churches, parties and even at work.  Times have changed so much that the only way people approach one another is via the internet mainly on dating sites.  Some of which I call “meat markets.”  People have forgotten what it means to walk up to an individual they may be interested in and start a conversation.  Even after meeting one another I have seen individuals out on a date amongst other individuals in a social gathering texting one another.

What happened to good ole conversation with one another.  Sometimes, I become so frustrated when individuals want to carry on an hour long conversation via texting.  I will stop texting after a few texts and just simply call the person and you know what they will not answer the phone but continue texting me.  That is when I put my phone down and go on with my day.

Ladies you might think it is cute or sexy but you are attracting the wrong type of man by posting butt pics on the internet and dating sites; or pics in your bathroom in your underwear or worst.  The twerking craze is out of hand.  What you are telling men is, this is all I have to offer, my butt or back side or the fact I can shake my behind.  Don’t get me wrong, yes men enjoy it, but what are they saying about it?  “Man look at this freak right here.”  Is that what you really want to be labeled as if you are looking into engaging into a serious relationship?

I took several surveys on Tagged.com with a wide variety of men from all walks of life and age groups.  One of the questions I asked “Why are you REALLY on Tagged?”  The vast majority of their responses was ”To find me a freak  someone I can get with and keep it moving on to the next freak.”  I was like WOW really?  Women for the picking, and the sad thing is a lot of the women on these sites are there because they know when they are out and about socializing it is rare for a man to approach them.  Therefore, they go with the flow and try to connect on social networking sites.

What does it really say about a man that does not have enough self confidence to know they can connect with a woman without approaching them on a site.  I know this is the times that we live in.  However, the men I have connected with for mere investigative purposes for a book I am working on;  had numerous issues. Hence, the reason they were on the sites in the first place.  They live with someone they are not happy with and are looking for a way to cheat.  Or, they have so many problems themselves, unemployed, drugs, I could go on and on.  The sad thing is they could be telling you anything and women today are so desperate they fall for the okie doke.

If a man cannot walk up to me to approach me and have a decent conversation with me so I can look them in their eyes and read their body language to see if they are a liar, player or whatever, I am not interested.  I still have my Tagged account, but it is now there to push my books. That is the honest truth I used to log in on a normal basis because I could do my surveys.  But once they took away the ability to ask the questions I wanted for survey purposes I don’t have a need to sign in.  I am not interested in meeting you, giving you my number or any of that, I have heard too many tragic stories of women meeting men on line.

How can one truly separate the wheat from the tares online?  The internet to me now has become a place of exploitation.  Girls are getting their behind beat by their parents for inappropriate behavior.  It has also become dangerous for teenagers and young girls.  I have a friend that has a daughter that is 12 years old and she was online entertaining a 19 year old.  She lied about her age and was carrying on conversations with this older guy online.  Just dangerous sorry to digress.

Everyone just seems to be to be looking and seeking a companion and love but in all of the wrong places.  Where is the right place these days to meet someone that you could spend the rest of your life with?  I do welcome your comments and suggestions that I would like to share with our readers.

But this I do know, posting provocative pictures ladies and gents on every web site that you can sign up with is not going to land an individual you can spend the rest of your life with and really trust.  Because every time you catch that person on Tagged or Match or whatever site you are going to be wondering if they are flirting or chatting with a new prospect because that is where you met them.  If you met someone on line and you do in fact enter into a relationship with them.  The only way I can see it being successful is that you both delete your dating accounts online.  Because then and only then are you saying you know that I have found Mr. or Mrs. Right. I am off the market.