Why He Broke Your Heart! His Was Broken First!

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100929-0423by Jewel Tyler

God created man, then he took mans rib and created woman. Ribs encase a mans heart. Which means a woman is the closest thing to a man’s heart. I hear so many stories from men how tender their heart is when it comes to a woman they truly love and adore. He may have a tough exterior and demeanor; he is supposed to he is man who was created to cover a woman’s head and protect her and love her!

So many women MEN bash, but take a deeper look at that man who is now careless with his love and even body. Every man I know, met, talked too. A woman cracked his ribs and destroyed his heart, you are a repercussion of someone else’s mistakes and his heartache.

Ladies I am a mother of son’s, the eldest of six brothers and the best friend of many men. Recognize the POWER you have when it comes to a man. Love him tender, respect him, and most of all do not tear down his character, challenge his manhood. Step to him like you are a man, smack him in the face etc. and run for cover and help if he decides to smack you back. I do not condone a man hitting a woman EVER. But there is only so much any person can take.

If you are into playing games, purchase an Xbox or a Playstation.

Your destruction of his character and his heart can result in what you call a Playa, a Dog. They are just protecting themselves from never letting a rib near their tender heart again.

When God has blessed you with a good man – LOVE HIM.  I don’t care how much a person states they love being single – God did not create man to be alone or woman.

Learn to love him or her from the inside out not the outside in.  From the outside in by the time you find out who they really are the damage is already done.

Something to meditate on Ladies & Gents.

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