WakeUp Girlfriend Book

WUG cover 4


The first book in the Wake Up Girlfriend Series “Single Life” deals with the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Single Life 
  • The Dating Game in this century
  • Internet Dating – this seems to be the only way to meet and greet?
  • Girlfriends – we all have them; but just how much do we really need and trust them?
  • Cougars – where are all of the young men gone? – To the older woman
  • I don’t Trust You – I guess it is because of all my other failed past relationships
  • Embracing The Single Life – Why are you fighting being single?
  • Single Life With God

I have found in my own personal experience in relating and conversing with my own circle of female companions, that women in general are either: happy with their present lifestyle (single or in a relationship), lonely (predominately), heartbroken, or abused or have been abused.  I even find there is a category of women that are abusers and users!  This is the main reason I believe I was inspired to write this book in the first place.  I have listened and consoled and have been consoled by many personal friends over the years regarding relationships.  I feel we need to rethink some things regarding relationships, and take a good hard look at self.


Click here for an excerpt of the book:  SINGLE excerpt



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